2014/06/29 Six Flags New England

My whole family went to Six Flags New England on Sunday before the fourth of July. It’s a very huge amusement park comprised of fun rides and waterparks!


At the entrance


With the family (I was the only one not wearing sunglasses /fail lol)

Six Flags New England visitors were first welcomed by the Six Flags staff and a crew of Warner Bros. mascots. They first held some games before they let the visitors come in to the parks.

After the welcome ceremony, together with my cousins and their friends, decided to first ride the Dark Knight rollercoaster since the waterpark wasn’t yet opened that time. It was my first time to ride a rollercoaster again after gazillions years! But, the ride was definitely fun!

After the fun rollercoaster ride, we decided to first stay at the waterpark. We enjoyed the fun slides and the swimming pools! I personally enjoyed the wave pool. I have already been into a wave pool before back in Bulacan, Philippines. It’s almost the same as the pool they have in Six Flags. I so love the artificial waves! We also tried some slides! I was scared at first since it was dark inside the slides but it was definitely a fun ride! It was also good that the pools were only a 3 feet deep. I would drown if they have deeper pools since I’m too tiny and I don’t know how to swim! lol The whole family also enjoyed the lazy river. However, I was such an epic fail since I failed to sit on the salvavida/salbabida. Haha!


Wave pool

After having a very pleasant time at the waterpark, we then transferred to the fun rides! I rode three more rollercoasters!! I was literally shaking at my second ride of rollercoaster since the tracks were located above. You can already see the ground when you look down!! But yes, it was absolutely fun!! I rode two more rollercoasters at the kiddie park.


Rollercoaster with the tracks above you

Photo from SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND Facebook page (CLICK)

And can you believe that I took the courage to also ride the scream machine?! I came to know about this ride because of Nakamaru Yuichi (Maru),the N of the Johnny’s idol group, KAT-TUN. <3 He rode this ride (located in Japan) for a TV show. He screamed the hell out of it while beatboxing which I did too (minus the beatboxing lol)! haha!


Scream Machine

Photo from SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND Facebook page (CLICK)

I was also hoping to ride this Sky Screamer but no one wants to come with me! This is 400 ft from up above!! Too high, too high!! But hopefully, next time! :)


Sky Screamer

Photo from SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND Facebook page (CLICK)

For people planning to visit the US, I greatly suggest to experience SIX FLAGS! 


Based on their website, SIX FLAGS currently has 13 parks across the United States. Visit their website for more information: CLICK

We visited the SIX FLAGS located in Agawam, Massachusetts. It’s a two hour ride away from Connecticut. 

Enjoy your visit! /lewinkwink

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